Third-year student from Department of Fine and Applied Arts’ Fashion Design and Textile Art program will represent Thailand at the Triumph Inspiration Award 2012 in Shang Hai this October.


The event is hosted annually by leading global lingerie brand, Triumph, and is open to university students from all over the world. This year’s theme “Dragons and Butterflies” captures the idea of opposites, where the strength of the dragon merges with the gentleness of the butterfly.

“My inspiration came from a children’s book,” says the national finalist Pornvichit “Warm” Chuasomboon. “It tells an imaginative story of a butterfly princess who travels to a land full of natural wonders, where she meets and falls in love with the dragon prince. But due to their genetic differences, they cannot build a family together. So, the dragon prince offers the butterfly princess a precious pearl, as a symbol of their true love,” he adds.


His design captures the idea of opposites through juxtapositions between tenderness and strength, sensuality and charisma, imagination and reality. He chooses black as the main theme to symbolize unfulfilled love.


Warm also says that the most important element to keep in mind when designer women’s lingerie is their physiology, postures, intrinsic needs as well as the technical knowledge required in designing women’s lingerie. He applies the knowledge learned in the classrooms to his own experience in observing, interacting with people, and participating in various design contests outside school.


“My dream is to become a fashion designer and design apparels that look good on a person as well as enhancing the wearer’s character,” Warm says. He finds inspirations in the works of German fashion designer Karl Lagarfeld and Thai designer “Moo Asava,” founder of the Thai label Asava.